About Subseatec

Subseatec is one of the most experienced specialist companies in the world regarding riser applications in the oil and gas industry.
Subseatec works with sales, contract management and product development. The manufacture of products is carried out by steel producing companies in Sweden, together with established partners and vendors for services outside the group.

Selected references

Power Nap

Subseatec has successfully delivered stress joints to SHELL’s PowerNap subsea tie-back, in Gulf of Mexico.

Equinor (Snorre A)

Subseatec is a proud supplier of TTR joints for the Equinor Snorre A riser replacement programme with FMC technologies

Chevron Wheatstone

Subseatec is a proud supplier of CWOR riser joints the Chevron Weathstone development with FMC technologies

Shell Mars B

Subseatec is a proud supplier of TTR Stress joints to the Shell Olympus TLP platform