The beginning

The approval from the Swedish queen to start a steel works by lake Vissmen today known as the small town Björneborg.


Shafts for the maritime business

The forge starts to develop capability to produce propulsion shaft for ships.


The company is investing

A large investment as a part of a new strategic move to be a leading forge master for long shafts. A new forge shop for 25 m long forgings is built and the foundry was closed.


Starting to produce risers to the oil & gas market

The works start to produce forging for the growing Norwegian oil & gas industry especially for steel risers.


Aquired by Scana Industrier

The steel works in Bjorneborg is bought by the Norwegian company Scana industries ASA and the company is named Scana Bjorneborg AB.


Stress joints for Shell

Scana Bjorneborg starts to develop the capability to produce Stress joints for Shell Oil Company for their Gulf of Mexico offshore developments..


Leading supplier of stress joints

Scana Subsea has become into one of the leading suppliers of forged riser joints, e.g. stress joints for deep water oil and gas offshore facilities


Scana Subsea was estalished

Scana Steel Björneborg AB decides to further focus on the strong position on stress joints manufacturing and form the company Scana Subsea AB by extracting the oil and gas business segment. Scana Subsea to develop the capability to deliver installation ready riser joints and other parts based on advanced forgings for the oil and gas industry with supply chains consisting of both internal and external suppliers.


Leading provider of forged riser joints

Scana Subsea has developed to one of the main provides of forged riser joints installation ready for the O&G industry with customers globally. The company have a well-developed supply chain from steel making / forgings to welding and coatings and has access to unique processes as ID cladding of 18m long parts. The parent company name changed from Scana Industries to Incus Investors.


From Scana Subsea to Subseatec

Scana Subsea changes its name to Subseatec.


Joint Venture strengthen the cooperation

Scana ASA acquires 50% of the shares in Wear Solutions AS and enters a Joint Venture with shared ownership with Certina Invest AS.

Subseatec S AB works closely with Wear Solutions in various offshore projects and looks forward to the continuation with new colleagues and strengthened expertise.