Forged bar stock

  • At our facilities in Sweden we keep a Forged bar premium stock in dimensions from OD Ø200 up to OD Ø1200 mm. Forging ratio on all material is 4:1.
  • The steel grades kept in stock are ASTM A182 F22 and AISI 4330MOD with yield strengths ranging from 75 ksi up to 120 ksi. These materials are manufactured to comply with DNVGL-RP 0034 SFC2 and SFC3.

In stock:

Steel grade

Dimension OD


Yield strength, Rp 0,2
75 Ksi
Yield strength, Rp 0,2
85 Ksi
Yield strength,
Rp 0,2
100 Ksi
Yield strength, Rp 0,2
110 Ksi
Yield strength,
Rp 0,2
120 Ksi

F22200XForged bar, SPWHT min 80 ksi
F22260XForged bar
F22310XForged bar, SPWHT min 80 ksi
F22360XForged bar
F22375XForged bar, SPWHT min 80 ksi
F22416XForged bar, SPWHT min 80 ksi
F22500XForged bar, SPWHT min 80 ksi
F2258080XForged bar, hollow
F2273080XXForged bar, hollow
F22925130XForged bar, hollow
F22919XForged bar
F221180XForged bar
4330230XForged bar
4330260XForged bar
4330310XForged bar
4330360XForged bar
4330476XForged bar

Grade F22

Grade F22 is a low alloy steel with 2-2,5% Chromium. The alloy is used for oil & gas applications like connectors, hangers, block valves and specialty joints like stress joints. Often used as the base metal for clad components.

Grade 4330MOD

AISI 4330MOD is a chromium, nickel, molybdenum, vanadium high strength low alloyed steel suitable for downhole tools and drilling jars. It offers improved hardenability and the ability to achieve higher tensile strengths and impact.

Grade F65

ASTM A694 Grade F65 is a low alloy steel, usually supplied in the Quench and Tempered condition. It is moderate in strength and impact toughness and is used extensively for the manufacture of fittings and flanges.