Oil & Gas products refined to the degree of your choosing: rough, semi, finished or turnkey delivery

Our Oil & Gas projects are executed by a dedicated team to ensure that we deliver products in accordance with Oil & Gas industry standards. Typical steel grades for our Oil & Gas products are ASTM A182 F22, A707 3W, A694 F65 and AISI 4340, 4330, 8630 – and there are many more to choose from. We customise and fine-tune the chemistry to your project-specific requirements.

Project Management and Engineering

When you buy a complete solution, we appoint a project manager to take care of things. They work closely with you and your team to ensure project progress from start up to delivery. Our material, welding and engineering experts, who are well versed in industry requirements, are available throughout project execution. They prepare and optimise each order to achieve or exceed requirements and are continually involved in R&D work to improve material properties and production efficiency.

Forged Riser Products

We produce a wide range of speciality joints, such as stress joints, keel joints, transition joints, tension joints, telescopic joints, forged standard joints and many more. Covering a range of applications for drilling, production, injection and workover systems. Length adjustment joints for TLPs is another similar product we produce.

Forged Complex Shaped Products

We typically produce subsea products such as wyes and tees, wellheads, blocks and spools for XTs.

Forged Connectors

We produce shorter forgings such as pin & box connectors and flanges specifically optimised for welding onto pipes or other forgings while still meeting application requirement.

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