Durabler is our concept within materials testing and development. To get the most out of a material there are several approaches where advanced materials testing is one.

Our fracture and fatigue testing center is located at our premises in Kristinehamn where our main services are:

– Fracture toughness testing 

– Fracture crack growth rate testing

– Fatigue tests

Complementary mechanical testing and metallography can be done both inhouse and with our partners (SEM, cleanliness, charpy etc.)

Durabler can also help customers with material choice, material processing parameters and much more with the focus on getting as much durability as possible from the material. Our experienced material scientists are ready to help with your challenges:

– Materials selection

– Process parameters (heat treatment, hot working, metallurgy etc)

– Simulations

– Inspections at suppliers

Durabler is a commercial alternative to universities and large science organizations.