Subseatec continues its journey towards a sustainable industry

Higher strength grades give the possibility to reduce weight of existing designs which reduce the amount of energy needed to produce the part. This in combination with the ongoing transition to carbon free
steel making gives steel a huge potential to be the material for the sustainable future.

The oil and gas industry has been one of the main drivers to develop and use advanced steel products and have forced the steel industry and product suppliers as Subseatec to challenge
what is considered possible.

Recent developments in the ultra-high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) field is one example.
In this area Subseatec has been challenged by Oil companies and OEMs to develop products with strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance to withstand the extreme environments HPHT dictates. As a result, Subseatec has today the knowledge and experience to deliver SCR riser joints for HPHT environments. A 20,000-psi system with a 5 1/8” bore size was developed and delivered to one of our major clients.

The workover system consisted of Upper and Lower Stress Joints, Tension and Intermediate Stress Joints, an SFT Adapter and a Hang off Bushing as well as required Test caps. All the critical components e.g., the 18 m long Upper Stress Joint, were fully ID cladded with Alloy 625. The Hang off Bushing were qualified by a 1000-ton load test at our partners test center. Subseatec delivered the 20K rated joints to its client during 2021. We are all facing a big transition in our industry towards more sustainable solutions and Subseatec, with our DNA in the steel and energy industry, sees great opportunities in delivering engineering solutions where the steel can be utilized to higher and higher degrees.

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